cre8ate maths final report

Here is a copy of the cre8ate maths final report. cre8ate was one of Yorkshire Forwards top twenty projects [pretty good with over 600 to choose from].  We believe that this report could be useful to curriculum developpers and project managers working on STEM projects. You will also find a sub report from Ekosgen demonstrating the confidence the cre8ate core teachers had that the project would make a difference to their pupils attainment in mathematics.

A Good Place to Start

Here is a document that gives a general overview of all the cre8ate maths sector resources. It would be a good document to help you choose which cre8ate resources to use as part of a departmental planning exercise. Thanks to Alison Lomas of Graham School Scarborough for the idea and initial content, Sue Elliott of the Maths Eductaion Centre for the editing and Linda Knight of Design by Knight for the design.

Like Minded People

There is a groundswell of opinion supporting the approach taken by cre8ate maths in developing resources that engage youngsters. One such person is Dan Meyer a mathematics teacher from the USA. 

'I checked out the Building for the Future activities and liked them a

lot. "Memorable and motivational math resources" is a good



cre8ate maths at the chalk face

Teachers in our core school’s have been working with cre8ate resources in one way or another for over 3 years. Indeed they have had an intimate involvement with the development of our materials. Some of our teachers have also completed case studies that show how they have worked with cre8ate maths resources in their school.

Case study 1 Ali and Dan explain using cre8ate maths resources in a school situation in a rich mathematical way, where the mathematics becomes a memorable experience.
Case study 2 Heather is from the perspective of a non specialist maths teacher getting to grips with cre8ate maths resources.
Case study 3 Rakib is from the perspective of both teacher and pupils and the aspects of motivational mathematics that inspires youngsters to want to learn more.
Case study 4 Terry is about cross curricular opportunities and how cre8ate maths puts a real emphasis upon the ‘M’ in STEM.
Resources to use at our regional museums

One aspect of cre8ate maths has been a series of pupil celebration events. The Maths Education Centre team have developed a series of trails that can be used at Eden Camp, The Yorkshire Air Museum and The National Coal Mining Museum. We recommend that before using a trail a site visit is made to determine where the answers are and which aspects of the trail you are going to use. On the  Yorkshire Air Museum trail pupils will need some help in locating some of their answers.

cre8ate maths supporting the development of resources for functional skills in diplomas

The cre8ate maths team have worked closely with the Virtual maths team lead by professor Chris Gorse at Leeds Met University to help hone a series of resource packages designed to augment the delivery of the Construction and the Built Environment Diploma. Their Virtual maths height of a tower activity was inspired by our own bridges and structures activity in sector 6. The team are also currently completing a second set of resources to support the Hair and Beauty Studies Diploma.

Using cre8ate resources with SEN pupils

During the course of the cre8ate project we have worked with a number of special schools, pupil referral units and specialist writers to develop ideas that can be used within an SEN context to help pupils engage better with our resources. Here are a selection of case studies and resources that you may find useful. There is also a link to a teachers TV programme featuring Peter Henderson one of the teachers who helped develop our initial ideas.

cre8ate maths on TV

Teacher Daniel Gadd links a cre8ate based maths lessons to the use of maths in the world of work, helping students understand how their learning relates to the real world. The class at the Graham School, Scarborough, focuses on how logistic managers use network diagrams to aid efficiency in deliveries and when laying cables.

learning objectives to go with cre8ate resources

A set of learning objectives have been developed alongside cre8ate maths to support cre8ate use at KS3. The learning objectives cover Mathematical content, PLTS and Process skills. Please note that these are just suggestions of the mathematics that could be covered by each task as many of the tasks are open ended.

Thanks to Julie Pattinson of North Yorkshire LA for developing this useful addition to our resources.