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cre8ate maths was a CPD project for Yorkshire and Humber teachers of mathematics.  It ran from April 2007 to March 2010. 

network of 18 schools across the region was established, and teachers from these schools were intimately involved in developing and trialing new curriculum materials at KS3. The project had a number of lead writers who work with the teachers at brainstorming and feedback events.

CPD for teachers in other schools in the region are run via Local Authorities who are encouraged to incorporate cre8ate maths into their regular workshop programme. In this context it is important to note that our materials are complementary to those of the Bowland Trust, and sometimes more accessible for many schools since they have less dependency on the availability of IT for whole classes. Furthermore the materials are designed to address (i) the functional maths agenda and (ii) the twelve employment sectors of Y&H.

Cre8ate maths brochure imageThe programme of materials development was led by the Mathematics Education Centre and the materials have been enthusiastically received by teachers and advisers of mathematics across the country.  The 57 units are now on the website - and they are free.

Some of the resources are available to download without being a registered user, however you will need to register with this website to access most of the resources.

There are additional resources, such as school case studies, on the 'CPD Support' pages, and a popular 5 minute film at the bottom of this page which shows cre8ate maths in action in a typical comprehensive school. 

An important part of the project was the pupil celebration event. The events took many forms but always illustrated the application of mathematics in an interesting context / setting. For example we held events at a number of different venues such as The Deep (Hull), the WOW Academy (Bradford), Eden Camp (Malton), and the English Institute of Sport -Sheffield.

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